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Harmony in Long Beach, California

Sound & Vibe is a vortex where like-minded creatives join and harmony is manifested. Continue reading

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3 Benefits of Face-to-Face Networking

I have been reading lately that social media and social networking are the best ways to boost your chances of getting a job. This is not new news; however, we should keep in mind that face-to-face communication is equally as important and can be more beneficial in a number of ways. Here are 3 benefits of in-person networking … Continue reading

5 Ways to Stay Busy Post-College, Pre-Career
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5 Ways to Stay Busy Post-College, Pre-Career

As many of us know by experience or rumor, finding your dream job directly out of college is a struggle despite unemployment rates dropping nationally. The point between college and career can be a trying time, but maintaining an active mind and remaining engaged in the community can make the transition smoother. Here are five … Continue reading